Event Info @ Our YHV Reception

We hold some events at our YHV Reception!!
*University students *neighbor *Childre
Everybody Come and Join us!!

Event Lists

***Rent Front Space***

Please use our space for meeting, English Class, Yoga Class, and so on
*Place* Yokohama Hostel Village Front Space
*Space* 30m2
*Charge* 2000yen/60minutes 3000yen/90minutes
*Time* 10:00~20:00
*Equipment abailable:Projector, Internet*Wireless, Chair, Sofa
*detail* Call us!! 045-663-3696

Birhday PartyFor someone who was born on this month!

Every 4rd Saturday 6pm~ at YHV Reception 

birthday party

What is Birthday party?

Every month, We have Birthday Pary!!
Our hostel Guest, neighbors, person who want to make new friend and don't like alone on my birthday, come and Enjoy!!

Time:Every 3rd Saturday 18:00~
*Place* Yokohama Hostel Village YHV Reception
*Charge* 1000yen Birthday person* FREE!!Please pay when you come to the office
Potluck Party!! Please bring something to eat and drink, especially beer!!

*September* 9/19(Sat)

English Class

english class

english class

What is English Class?

After school, working, housekeeping...
Some japanese who wants to learn and speak English comes to this class.
If you join the class, you might make japanese friends.

1)Every Wednesday 7pm~8pm

*Place* Yokohama Hostel Village YHV Reception
*Charge* 500yen/1hour