Q) Reception Office Hours...
  9 am to 8 pm daily.
Q) Room inquiries...

*Room type
There are only two types of rooms, private and dormitory occupancy rooms. Two people could stay in a room as maximum.

* No smoking
All rooms are non-smoking rooms (there is a designated smoking space on the same floor as the guest rooms).

Toiletries are not provided so guests should bring their own toiletries. Toiletries are for sale at the reception office.
Face towels;bath towels; Conditioning shampo; toothbrah

a iron
Please contact the staff if you need a hair dryer or an iron but being that there is only a limited number, they may not be available immediately upon request.

There is no internet support in some rooms, but there is a computer in the lounge area of the reception office.
If you have a laptop, you can use wireless network free. Please remember that the computer is only available during the reception office working hours.

*Car parking
Parking is not provided, but if you need parking, the reception office will be able to direct you to a coin operated parking lot.

Q) Fee inquirie...
  There is no deposit or reservation fee for the rooms at the Yokohama Hostel Village. The fee for the room includes the price of room and tax only and the entire fee for the reservation must be paid at the time of check in.
Q) Check-in and check-out inquiries ...
  Check in is from 3 pm to 8 pm and check-out is 11 am.
Upon check-in and payment of room fee for duration of the reservation, you will receive your room key. You will be responsible for the room key for the entire duration of your stay. There is no lock out time and you are free to leave and return to your room at your convenience. Return the key to the reception office at the time of your check-out.
Early check-in is possible. Please check with the reception office for availability.
From the day that you check-in to the day that you check-out, the front office is able to accommodate your baggage. If you wish to have your baggage stored on either of those two days, then please speak with the front office personnel.

Q) Miscellaneous inquiries...

  A convenience store is within two minutes walking distance from the Hostel Village. Within a 3 to 10 minute walk, there is a public bath. Please ask the reception staff for directions if interested.

Q) Is Yokohama Hostel Village "Youth Hostel"?

  No, it isn't. We are not Youth Hostel. I'm sorry that we cannot accept a Youth Hostel Card. Our room type is basically private. Dormitory is just for Hostel Shin-ei-kan.

Q) Is it easy to get rental mobile phone in Japan?

  1)at NARITA Airport; you can get right there
We recommend you that you get rental mobile at airport when you arrive at Japan if you are in hurry. No shop to rental it without airport.

2)WEB shop; they send you in about 3days

3)Buy prepaid mobile in japan about 8000yen(phone+prepaid card)