Tourist Attractions in Yokohama

Kotobukicho is located in the Kannai area, in the heart of the city of Yokohama, with easy access to major sightseeing and tourist attractions. Here are just a few highlights, the Minato Mirai 21 area, Motomochi Town and China Town.

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Minato Mirai 21 Area

Minato Mirai 21
Minato Mirai 21 is a newly developed area along the Yokohama Bay, which includes shopping malls, museums and office buildings. In this area, there are many interesting attractions, such as the Yokohama Landmark Tower, the largest building in Japan, and a huge Ferris wheel called the Cosmo Clock 21. Minato Mirai 21 has also become popular among young couples that enjoy the excellent shopping and the many museums.

Motomachi Town and Yokohama China Town (Chukagai) Area

Yokohama China Town
Yokohama China Town is the largest Chinatown in Japan. In this area, there are hundreds of Chinese restaurants and food stores, so you can enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine. You can also enjoy shopping, while walking around in an exotic atmosphere, blending Chinese and Japanese culture.
Motomachi Town
Motomachi is a former foreign settlement district in the uptown area of Yokohama. Motomochi is also well known as an area having fashionable streets filled with trendy shops. The charming and exotic atmosphere attracts many young people too.
Shin Yokohama Raumen Museum
Raumen Museum is a collection of Ramen restaurants where you can enjoy Ramen noodles from famous Ramen restaurants from various regions in Japan.

Sakuragicho and Noge Area

Noge Bar Street
A street having many small Izakaya, which are traditional Japanese bars, a type of pub that dates back to olden times. This street is also a nice place to look for local restaurants like the Okonomi Yaki restaurant.
Noge Yose Entertainment Festival
A comedy festival held every April. Many well known Japanese performers living in Yokohama give performances showcasing new material and new comic characters.
Naritasan Yokohama Betsuin Enmei-in Temple
A temple located on a hilltop in Yokohama city. You get a bird's eye view of everything, up there! The stone statues and Tori gateway in the grounds of the temple are worth seeing.
Yokohama Kotaijingu Shrine
A historical shrine on the same hilltop where the Naritasan Temple is located. You can reach this shrine by going up a steep slope called Momiji-zaka. You can visit this shrine on your way to the Naritasan temple.
Yokohama Nohgakudo (Noh Theatre)
A cultural center that showcases performances of the traditional Japanese theatre called Kabuki, or Noh Theatre. A very good place to enjoy traditional Japanese culture. You need make reservations in advance.
Nogeyama Zoo
A great zoo which includes a petting zoo! A great way to reduce stress by petting a rabbit or two! Free Admission.

Bandoubashi Station Area

Thai Restaurant Street
A street that has many good Thai restaurants. This street is bit of a secret, where only Thai food fans know of this place. You can find Thai foods and sweets even at the local super markets and grocery stores in the area. It is a little likeThailand! Or ThaiTown in Yokohama
Yokohama Shotengai Shopping Street
One of the best shopping streets in the old districts of Yokohama. The street still retains the appearance of streets about 20 years ago. You can rarely find these types of old shopping streets in Yokohama, or even Tokyo now. Enjoy them while they last!
Miyoshi Engei Entertainment Hall
The one and only entertainment hall in Yokohama. You can enjoy various types of shows; the program of performance changes monthly. Not only will you see great performances, but the light shows created by the combination of illumination and dancing is fantastic.

Kannai Station Area

Kotobukicho Town
Kotobukicho is an old town still living in the past. The atmosphere of this part of town has not changed for years, where the local people are very friendly and there is a certain innocent charm to this town. One particular highlight of Kotobukicho, is that you can find some very fine Korean food!
Noge Daidogei (street performers) festival in Isezakicho
Noge Daidougei in Isezakicho is a festival of street performances held in April of every year. From traditional Japanese street performances to Chinese contortionists, you will find a wide variety of street performers.
A town having many kinds of shops that are found mainly in the Isezaki mall. You can find anything there! There is also some very good movie theaters and secondhand bookstores. Come and find a good buy!
A fashionable street with trendy cafes and shops. Drop by for a coffee, enjoy your visit to Isezakicho town.
A town that has a different character during the day, which is so much different from night. It is a quiet place during the day, but dramatically changes when the sun goes down.

Negishi Honmoku Area

Negishi Shinrin Park
A park with lots of greenery to enjoy. You will see a few historic relics on the grounds, which was formerly a horse racetrack. In spring, there is a brilliant display of cherry blossoms!
Shirataki Fudoson. Temple
A small temple that has maintained the traditional look of the past, with a small waterfall on the grounds. A peaceful spot, that only the local people know about.
Kyu-Yagishita Tei House
A former private house of the Yagishita family that maintains the interior and exterior of traditional Japanese design of the Taisho period (1912-1926). Another splendid place to experience traditional Japanese architecture.
Sankeien Garden
This is a large Japanese garden where many historical buildings have been maintained. Since this garden has so much interesting architecture to see, you might need an entire day to see everything. You can also see a Gassho-zukuri house that was relocated and reconstructed from the Shirakawa-go Village, which is recognized as a World Heritage site. Admission fee: 500 Yen

Tsurumi Area

JR Kokudo Station
An old train station built after the Kanto earthquake in 1923. This building went through the Pacific War without being destroyed and still retains its original, beautiful appearance to this day. The atmosphere of this old building might give you a feeling you went back to a distant time and place in Japan's history.
Beer Village
The Kirin Brewery. You can take a short tour of the brewery and after the tour, enjoy freshly brewed beer! FYI, you can sample 2 paper glasses of beer. So nice for beer fans!