YOKOHAMA HOSTEL VILLAGE is a community of budget accommodations located in Kotobukicho, near Kannai and Ishikawacho transit stations in Yokohama, Japan. We operate numerous of inexpensive and budget accommodations in the nearby area for both the local Japanese traveler and for the international tourist. We look forward to your visiting our YOKOHAMA HOSTEL VILLAGE. Staff Introductions

'Room Asia', this room type is the largest room in which we have. This building is old Japanese apartment, but it makes you feel living in middle Asia! It has 2 rooms and Dining kitchen, private bathroom, toilet, Veranda. No Wi-Fi in your room. You can use free wi-fi at our reception. (It opens 9am-8pm.) This room is in 5F in another building (2 minutes on walk to our reception). No lift, please go up the stairs. If you have a heavy luggages, feel free to ask us. We can help you:)


Room Rate

(including tax and service charge)



over 30 days


4,500 yen/day

3,900 yen/day(117,900 yen/30days)


5,800 yen/day

4,900 yen/day(147,000 yen/30days)

Cancellation fee

Cancellation fees apply to all days booked.

Cancel on the day

The day before arrival




6 days to 2 days


10 days to 7 days


Information around YHV

Information around YHV         supermarket, bar,izaka-ya, public bath, etc


YHVParking map          car parking around YHV



- Our long term discount (over 30nights) is applied when you pay accommodation fee in a lump sum.

How to book yokohama Room Asia

No show

Please call us during open hours or send mail. 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM (GMT+9)

Room Asia -Apartment type-

If you need...

We prepare these facilities at our reception.
-Hair dryer and Iron, Iron board

-No Wi-Fi in your room. You can use free wi-fi at our reception. (It opens 9am-8pm.)

In your room:

Digital TV 32 inch, low table, air-conditioner, refrigerator, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, micro-wave, cookware, dishes, semi-double bed.

TEL   : +81-45-663-3696

mail : booking(a)

-change "(a)" to "@" in the mail adress.

-When you e-mail us, please fill out below blank.


1) Apartment type room_asia "Stay in Yokoham" over 4 days

2) Apartment type room_asia "Live in Yokohama" over 30 nights

Check-in Date: dd/mm/yy

Check-out Date: dd/mm/yy

Stay: night(s)

Number of people: (1or2)

Number of room(s):

arrival time(15:00-20:00):

male or female:



Why do you choose to come to Yokohama?


This is 'Room Asia' building.

Entrance. No lift, please go up the stairs to 5F.

Go among the passage, you can find your room:)

- Please show and scan us your passport or any other identification papers.

If you don't have it, we may cancel your reservation.

This 4sqm room can be used as bed room. This is included semi-double bed.

This kitchen is included refrigerator, Induction Heating, micro-wave and some dishes and cookware.

- Please ask us if you want to stay with 5 persons or more.

You can dry your clothes at this veranda.

Bath room



7,100 yen/day

5,900 yen/day (177,000 yen/30days)

This 6sqm room can be used as living room if you like. This is included digital TV 32 inch and low table.

4 persons

8,400 yen/day

6,900 yen/day (207,000 yen/30days)


Weekly apartment

YHV Hayashi