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YOKOHAMA HOSTEL VILLAGE is an group of budget accommodations located in Kotobukicho, near Kannai and Ishikawacho transit stations in Yokohama, Japan. We operate and provide numerous inexpensive and budget accommodations in the nearby area for both the local Japanese traveler, and for the international tourist. We look forward to your coming to Yokohama and staying at our YOKOHAMA HOSTEL VILLAGE.
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Local Tourist Attractions in Yokohama Kotobukicho is located in the Kannai area, in the center of Yokohama. From Kotobukicho, it is easy to visit major attractions like the Minato Mirai 21 area, Motomachi Town and China Town. Also, there are convenience stores and restaurants nearby, to find out more, please feel free to ask our staff.
Travel Info Yokohama is a convenient place to start your travels around Japan. Accessible from the Haneda Airport, and close to major trains stations, especially the Shinkansen Line (bullet trains). So, you can plan and extend your traveling destinations to other regions in Japan, directly from Kotobukicho.
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