manthly flat LBFlat

Room type / ルームタイプ

We have some type of rooms in order to satisfy you.
Please understand if we can’t meet your expectations because we don’t have many rooms.

LB Flat-A

Japanese style room(Tatami mats). This room has wide space to put your stuffs.
You can choose single or semi-double bed if you move storage boxes.

LB Flat-B

Loft bed. This room has a big space you put your luggage.

LB Flat-C

This room has double size bed. Recommend using two people.

LB Flat-D

Simple & Design
This room has created by designer

LB Flat-E

No kitchen but reasonable!
This room recommend for people who don’t cooking usually

All of our rooms are Non-Smoking.

Room Rate (inculded tax and service charge)

LB Flat Furnished room(toilet/shower/kitchen)

4-29 nights over 30 nights
1 person 3,800yen/nights  2,800(84,000/30nights)
2 person 5,500yen/nights  4,300(129,000/30nights)

LB Flat without kitchen (toilet/shower/no kitchen)

4-29 nights over 30 nights
1 person 3,500yen/nights 2,600(78,000/30nights)
2 person 5,200 yen/nights 4,100(123,000/30nights)


After checking the room type you wish to use, please push reservation button for contact us.
Because depending on the room you may not attach to hope for full occupancy, we will again contact from our company.

2,Check in

3:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Please come to the Yokohama Hostel Village Front Office (night staff's room after 8pm) during the checking-in time. We will guide you to the room after the registration and payments.
*** Your identification card (Passport, Alien registration card) is required. Please note that we will take a photo-copy of your ID card.
==Credit Card policy==If you pay by credit card, there will be an additional 10% charge.

3,Check out

A final inventory and check of the apartment will be conducted on or before the resident's departure between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM. Please inform us if you do not have time on the day, we can arrange to the previous day. We will charge a resident for any item of equipment or utensils missing from the inventory and/or for any damage caused to the apartment.

yokohama hostel village

address :: 231-0025 3-11-2 matsukage-cho naka-ku yokohama kanagawa Japan
TEL    :: +81-45-663-3696
office hour :: 9:00am 〜 8:00pm
staion :: JR keihintohoku-line Ishikawacho station north gate you can wali about 5 mins.


・All rooms are no smoking room.
・Full room charges should be paid on your arrival.
・You have to read Cancel Policy.