Pay in advance and enjoy your adventure in Yokohama

We are located central part of Yokohama and we are accessible to all major shopping centers, city attractions such as China Town, Motomachi Shopping Street, Red brick, Yamashita Park , Minato Mirai  and major train stations.

Cost effective way to enjoy your vacation
without spending all your money!!

We are opened in 2005 to boost tourism and interest in Yokohama. One of our goal is to have a guest enjoy a city of Yokohama with lowest price in the area.
Our location “Kotobuki” is called  “The Town of Congratulations,”is  used to be a Japan’s third-largest community of day laborers, but now the area has changed into a diverse community with many happy residents.
The area is filled with tourists from all over the world as well as tourists from within Japan. It is a very unique melting pot of people from all walks of life including many local friend people who love to chat with foreigners and you might get local information which is not in your guide book!
our hostel has several room types such as private Japanese style room and dorm type room for short rentals and monthly apartment for long stay rentals with reasonable price.
We’ve worked hard to create employment for people in Kotobuki area and efforts toward regional revitalization, therefore, group of community development or administrative agencies from other countries have came to inspect our achievement and work.
We are celebrating our 10th anniversary and renovating our facility and rooms. Our rooms are now designed for comfortable lodging environment for our guests.