Policy for handling private information

Us kotolab.LCC, the operating company of YOKOHAMA HOSTEL VILLAGE (hereinafter referred to as 'the company') handle personal information as required to running our business. We take seriously the importance of your personal information, and under the recognition that protection of personal information is our legal and social responsibility, all staff take great care to protect them.

We have created the following list of policies to serve our responsibility as a company handling personal information. Here and onwards, the company and its staff will operate our business following these principals and serve to the development of society.

  • 1. Collecting, handling and handing of personal information

    When we collect personal information, we will inform the provider with the usage of information to obtain consensus. We will take proper measures to manage the use of information, by limiting its usage to be kept within our original purpose, and give the provider of information with the option to delete or change their information.

  • 2. Managing risks such as information leakage

    We will take proper measures to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, theft, and other risks, and will act swiftly if such exceptional cases may occur.

  • 3. Policy for legal compliance

    We will keep to the law related to protection of personal information by ensuring the company and its staff learn, understand and reflect its meaning to the individual actions.

  • 4. Rights of personal information

    With regards to personal information we obtain through inquiries, questionnaire, resumes of job applicants and any other formats, when asked for disclosure by the original provider, or when asked to make change or discard the information, we will ensure to act as swiftly as possible.

Representative: Tomohiko Okabe

【Inquiry desk for privacy protection】