For 1~5 persons

Spend good time with your family! 2 rooms + kitchen type.

Want to spend time with your family, in a long term? Room ASIA was created to fulfil such needs!

This room is perfect with good accessibility to central Yokohama and 10min walking distance to Chinatown.

The layout has two rooms, one is living room with TV and sofa, the other is bedroom. There is also a wide balcony with good sunlight shining.

It has large storage too! Comes equipped with kitchen. Free WIFI in the room!

List of Plans

  • 1 person use ¥4,500
  • 1 person use (over 30 day discount) ¥3,900
  • 2 people use ¥5,800
  • 2 people use (over 30 day discount) ¥4,900
  • 3 people use ¥7,100
  • 3 people use (over 30 day discount) ¥5,900
  • 4 people use ¥8,400
  • 4 people use (over 30 day discount) ¥6,900
  • 5 people use ¥9,700
  • 5 people use (over 30 day discount) ¥7,900

*If the use of electricity exceeds 15,000JPY per one month, we ask you to pay for the exceeded amount.

*If we see excessive damage or stains in the room, we may charge you for the restoration cost.

*The price above includes electricity, water, gas and cleaning charges

Room Type


Max. Capacity

Up to 5

In-room Equipments

Kitchen, Restrooms, Bath, Balcony, Air Conditioner

Common Facility

TV, Microwave, Refrigerator, Table, Toaster, Pot, Washing machine,

Other Equipments

*We also have hair dryers and irons available at front office.