Collab event at Share Cafe

Joint event was held by two owners from share cafe; Akane Terashima and Yuuka Takagi.

On Monday : Akane Terashima
On Sunday : Yuuka Takagi

She is telling about how wonderful miso is around the world as a fermentation traveler. She is holding making Miso workshop and cafe mainly for foreigner. You can have tasty miso soup. One of our staff joined the workshop, and they enjoyed it. She teaches us many things very well. I recommend you to have her workshop.
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She is an instructor and ambassador of Japanese tea. There are variety of teas. You can taste selected teas in Yokohama. Why don’t you try them?
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This time, they prepared 3 kinds of Miso and Tea from different areas. They have wealths of knowledge through traveling many places. That is why it could be held I believe. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take part in this event. Though, they who visited this event had a great time.

Great news for you who couldn’t visit there. This event is going to be held once a month!
Next is on 26th-27th May. I can’t tell you how wonderful event is with poor knowledge, so I highly recommend to visit there.

There are the other cafe on the day of week. If you want to get more information, please check Bluff Terrace.