Gift program "Memory of Yokohama" Advance Ticket

Not a material gift. Your thoughts as a gift.
Don't you want to gift your thoughts to your loved ones?
Why not gift a memorable stay as a gift.


"Do you like to give out presents? or receive presents."

"I like giving out presents."
"I like to receive to presents."
"I like it both ways."
Of course everyone has their own answers.

Thinking what to give, imagining what he or she likes is precious.
And knowing that gift you received was well thought is also precious.

Of course not everyone but in this modern time, we tend to focus on what we can
gain or achieve. If we can shift our efforts to focus more on what we can GIVE,
may be we will all be somewhat a bit more kind people!

The pleasure of giving and receiving.
Through gift of thoughts, one by one, everyone's kindness will be a chain reaction.

Yokohama Hostel Village is delighted if we can be such place.


with all above mentioned...

Because of covid-19, we are spending as much time as we can at home.
Idea of traveling is a final notion that comes to our mind.
But when this is all over,

"I want to go see friends I couldn't see!"
"I want to go out and eat favorite food!"
"I want to travel!"
"Let's go see sports games and concerts!"

Ideas of what we want to do are flowing in most our minds.

For sure, the bright fun days awaits, after we overcome this hard times.
And we are more than delighted, if those priceless times will be spent in Yokohama.

Us, Yokohama Hostel Village is a guesthouse of Yokohama Japan since 2005.
We renovated abandoned skid-row rooms to as cozy as we can to accommodate travelers cheaper. For sure, we can not beat the top rated hotels and resorts. Also there is a limit on what we can provide with our old buildings. But still! our mission is to accommodate lots and lots of people to Yokohama for best experience! We don't stop the effort.


Yokohama Hostel Village made this gift program and we will sell a STAY as a GIFT to your important ones!
It is called "Memory of Yokohama" Advance Ticket.
It's to your family, to your friend or anybody who you want send out your thoughts.
Why not send them this gift of stay for exciting Yokohama experience! And the pleasure of giving is all yours.

【Gift includes】

・1 person 1 night of free stay at Yokohama Hostel Village
・2000yen worth of China Town Gift Card
・Minato Burari Ticket for 1 person
・YHV’s own original Yokohama map (includes hostel staffs’ local guide)

※Yokohama Chinatown Gift Card
The gift card for Yokohama Chinatown is a special gift certificate that can be used at over 100 stores in Yokohama Chinatown, such as restaurants, general stores and souvenir shops.

※Minato Burari Ticket
One day of unlimited rides on the Municipal Subway and Buses within the designated area!!You can also get various services from participating stores by presenting the ticket.

\5,500(tax included)

※This advance ticket is valid for 2 years
※Can NOT be used during Tokyo Olympics
※presenter and recipient must be different

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