Cloud founding of Yokohama Hoste Village. ROOFTOP PARADISE

Please spread this news!

Hello this is Yokohama Hostel Village and we have launched our first cloud founding on above URL!

Since the COVID-19 outburst, we lost so many travelers and guests to our hostel. Our hostel was renovated from a skid row rooms to fancy little guest house type of rooms!

Our main goal is to bring different crowd of people into our town!
This town used to be a skid row but it is changing.
We just hope to be a part of it to change the image of this town.

Our hostel started in 2005 and slowly it caught people's attention since
this type of social company's project was not done back then.

Slowly we grew into one of the most unique hostel of Yokohama!
We want people back but we can't ask so much under this hard times with

So, we decided to do GRAMPING. Camp space in our hostel's rooftop!
It is an open space where everybody can relax.
We want locals and everybody back and hope this ROOFTOP PARADISE will trigger everyone to want to come back!!

We need your help to complete this project and we have started the cloud founding page on campfire. Please take a look!!!