This is a couple from Tahiti!

We had a nice couple from Tahiti!
They were in Kobe the day before and were grilling Kobe beef in the kitchen!

Have you heard of Tahiti?
I didn't know about Tahiti until they came,

Tahiti is located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean and consists of 118 islands of various sizes, and is also known as French Polynesia!
For Europeans, it seems to be a sacred honeymoon destination! It is like Hawaii for the Japanese,

Because it is French Polynesia, it will be the venue for the surfing at the Paris Olympics!
The waves in the host village of Chopu village can reach up to 7 meters, and because of its height and beauty, it seems to be one of the best surfing spots in the world!
The Japanese representatives for the Paris Olympics are Shino Matsuda for the women and Kanoa Igarashi, Reio Inaba, and O'Reilly Connor for the men, for a total of 4 surfers!

We had a great time meeting with our guests and I'm looking forward to watching the Paris Olympics! You should all pay attention to them!