BBQ at Yokohama Hostel Village with T.I.E

The other day, the BBQ party was held on the roof top garden of Hayashi kaikan,.
This event was sponsored by the outdoor circle ,T.I.E that Mr. Yuyama found and he is involved as a volunteer at Yokohama Hostel Village recently.

About 40 people gathered on the day, and there were BBQ and mini live (with a sound not so annoying), and everyone was enjoyed very much in the cool air of autumn. ( We also had a great time, Thanks)

Most of them who participated were those who came for the first time to Kotobukicho, but they was surprised to find out that there are places to be able to gather and enjoy as well. It is very pleasing for us.

Yokohama hostel village welcomes those who can enjoy together and events,If you want to do something, please contact us. The front desk is always an open community space. A pleasant staff will do the best hospitality.